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Trilogy expectations

Well I remember those heady times...yes sci-fi, yes trilogy, yes first book, yes second book...then you get to the third book. Wow, it is going well but bringing all the storylines in, keeping up with the explosive battles, love interests, old and new, all the names, old and new, all the different type of skills and magics and bringing the story to that crashing crescendo you set out over 4 years ago in your notes. I didn't recognise or perceive you get so attached to the characters. You want to do them justice, ensure they win their own battles but you just have to bring it all to an end. Feels like I may lose a part of me if I do...but then I realise I said I will write another two trilogies, one set 20 years hence and another a prequel to this trilogy, so Graham get on with it!

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