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Book 1: The Prophecy


One hundred years ago the Zein Expeditionary Force carrying the powerful five clans and their armies arrive in a new galaxy fleeing terror in their homeland. They find Earth rich with the extraordinary raw material zinithium and populated by an aggressive indigenous race that were too numerous to conquer and too engrossed in war for them to hold out the hand of friendship.


The Zeinonians utilised their greater technology to build four quadrants in the skies around the Earth and a mining settlement, the Core, on the seabed. Protected by an Outer Perimeter Wall from the unsuspecting Earth below they waited for the time when the humans progressed without conflict….a time that never came.


Not all believed in the dream and within the powerful Blackstone Clan the evil vision of Zylar and the vicious Ilsid grew more powerful. The Quadrant Wars broke out bringing death and destruction to the Zeinonians.


Hope still remained in the Prophecy that one will come to bring Zein out of this dark period. Kabel Blackstone and Tyson Mountford, two young men, strangers from different worlds hope to join forces with an assortment of friends to fight back against the tyranny. If they don’t then both Earth and Zein will be stepping stones to complete domination of the known Universe.


Pursued, the group of companions fight enormous odds on both Earth and in the quadrants. Feelings run high and not just related to the fighting. Relationships within the group are complicated. Who loves who? Will Tyson and Kabel work together or against each other?


Through daring quests and epic battles the companions fight against all the odds. It is only through their rapidly increasing magics that the safety of billions of people hopes rest upon.

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