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“The weapons fitted comfortably into his hands. All of a sudden they began to hum and glow a distinct blue. He nearly dropped them in alarm instead he quickly tightened his grip. Two curved sharp blades flicked out on both the seckles, one on each side of the handle.”

On Earth, an inexplicable change is occurring in young Tyson Mountford as an ancient power awakens within his body.


In the skies far above him, an alien race live in four vast quadrants as they mine the precious zinithium ore at the very heart of the Earth. With their presence masked from the humans below by advanced technology, they are attacked from within by an evil that not just threatens their existence but that of humanity.


Kabel Blackstone, from the most powerful alien Zein clan may be their last hope. Can he unravel the enigma of the Prophecy, that one will come who will defeat this evil and bring peace to Zein and Earth?


With his destiny tied to that of Tyson, Kabel seeks help on Earth from a small band of unlikely companions. They are pursued to the extremes of Earth by a seemingly unstoppable force, driven by malevolence and greed.


Now the two strangers from different worlds must put aside their disagreements, control their newly acquired magics and fight back to save their families, planets and their lives.



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Book 1: Zein The Prophecy

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Book 2: Zein The Homecoming

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Book 3: Zein The Reckoning

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